This term has come to an end, and learning implies changes.

We have a different perspective regarding Linguistics, language, and language learning.



One of our interests in the course is language learning.

Different  linguistic and learning theories have contributed to the development

of language teaching. Their principles have influenced the way languages are taught. 

We  have our own views after observing ELT classes. 


 Human beings have always been interested in language.

How did humans develop this skill? Is there any theory that explains how we started to communicate?

How do children develop it out of nothing? By repeating? Imitation?

 Is Linguistics related to grammar? Do we need to know grammar to be a linguist?

 What does a linguist do?

After our class discussion,  what  is Linguistics?


      This is a blog for Instituto Pedagógico de Caracas participants of

    Introduction to Linguistics.      

 We aim at interaction and comunication within our community.